All Shields Pile, All Hastes Pile!

  • What this means is the Haste Buff from Lyca stacks with all of the other Haste buffs, such as Relics.
  • Nemora Shield also stacks along with the others.
  • Lucius’s Relic (decreased in Labyrinth & Peaks of your time) is very nauseating because of this since his defend timer is removed. His protect stacks with all the other and can be never become expired. Pair him with Energy buffers and you will be immortal.

Soren Guild Boss

  • Lucius’s Shield is fantastic at avoiding the Boss CC, which can wipes out your group any moment. This is exactly what makes him the best tank for Soren.
  • Nemora Shield can also be very useful at preventing Soren’s CC.
  • Soren always assaults models behind him very first. For this reason Baden, Numisu, Warek, Grezhul and Silvina etc. proficient at distracting Soren and using the CC themselves as they are likely to get to behind the manager.

Non-Best Skills

  • The cooldown of typical expertise is founded on the strike speed of the heroes.
  • Haste buffs support Heroes cast out typical skills quicker.

CC Mechanics

  • CC expertise are always super OP since they avoid the opponents from:
    • Dealing damage
    • Recovering Power via attacking
  • Stun & Freezing avoid the opponents from relocating.
  • Wilders Heroes acquire more CC abilities than some other faction.
  • Single target CC expertise could be dodged: Arden’s origins, Tasi’s banish, Fawkes’s coffin and so on. This makes Kaz very frustrating.
  • Tasi’s greatest should not be dodged. It’s one of the most OP CCs in AFK Arena at this time.
  • If the Hero will get CCed while casting a talent, that ability won’t package any problems and will be set on cool down. This too demonstrates how crucial Haste is at this game.
  • Mini stun also cancels skills and set them on cool down.
  • Lyca unaggressive talent can do mini stun every 10 strikes. You are able to, of course, do much more stuns with Haste. Lyca’s Relic assists her stun 3 targets simultaneously.
  • Farael’s Spirits have mini-stun. This is the reason he is just one of the most powerful holds in the past due game. Farael’s Relic makes his spirits last for a long time. With a well-created crew, it is possible to absolutely stun your foes till loss of life.


  • You may get Energy from Attacking, Getting Damage & Eliminating Enemies.
  • Regardless of the harm you are doing, you always get a certain amount of Energy for each and every success. As an example, level 100 vs level 200 Shemira gains the same amount of Energy per attack.
  • Haste provides you with a lot more Energy. This is why Lyca is OP.
  • Using Damage benefits Energy. This is why front side-collection Heroes usually benefits Energy faster than the backline Heroes. Placing overleveled Shemira around the front-collection is a great approach within the mid game, because of this.
  • If the enemy crew will get CCed, your entrance-collection Heroes will receive much less Vitality.

Shemira’s Technicians

  • Only allure prevents Shemira from coping harm. Other CCs cannot accomplish that.
  • Shemira Best can get piled, even when the visual doesn’t show that. This will make Shemira excellent for Power-focused groups.
    Instance: Shemira + Rowan + Rosaline + Estrilda for Guild Boss.
  • Shemira’s Ultimate can package damage throughout the other teammate’s best animation. This takes some practice to become ideal. The simplest way would be to activate the teammate’s Greatest 2 seconds after Shemira Ultimate starts spreading out. You will get 3 additional secs on her ultimate. This becomes much more highly effective when you have Ice/Fire bringer as it gives you 3 debuff pile before the foes are capable of doing anything at all.

Tasi’s Technicians

  • Tasi’s blink ability enables her to dodge all of the problems approaching towards her during that instance (while still getting Energy). At level 2, the cooldown of the ability lowered each and every time she is hit. As a result her very irritating when having enough HP and DEF.
  • She can recover utilizing Desire Mindset.
  • Tasi’s banish steals up to 60Percent in the foe Attack’s Score. This is the reason Tasi is excellent versus increased-leveled opponents. She could do an insane amount of problems if she banishes the correct foe.
Tasi is one of the finest Heroes in AFK Industry because: 
  • Recovery
  • Problems Steal.
  • Individual focus on CC.
  • Tasi provides the strongest AoE CC in AFK Market:
    • Doesn’t require any specific placing evaluating to Mehira.
    • Undodgeable
    • Improves the quantity of damage the opponents received after getting up by 30Percent.

Notice: You will still can counter-top Tasi’s greatest making use of Brutus’ greatest, Warek’s inactive, Post-Ultimate Ulmus, Athalia’s Ultimate and so forth.

  • Minimizes CD + guarantees dodge as Tasi requires problems.
  • Haste buff for that team (Pleasant Teleport)
  • Desire Spirit: 13s Self Haste buff which doesn’t need Energy. May be used more than once. Haste = more Vitality.

Rowan’s Mechanics

  • The mana shield enables Rowan to use his Power to consider damage. The amount of Power invested is capped at 80. Even when Rowan will take 100,000,000,000 problems, he only will lose 80 Power. This is the reason Rowan is extremely OP.
  • Understand that Rowan’s Vitality can also be restored when getting harm. Thus, Rowan is definitely a great container inside the past due video game. Shed Vitality to adopt damage and get damage to gain Energy.
  • He also posseses an Energy stealing talent. His Best and Unique Product both buff Power, creating him one of the most annoying and durable assistance.

Eironn’s Mechanics

  • During the start of a battle, his suction pull is prioritized probably the most. This makes him a headache to Mage models.
  • When possessing enough Haste, he could reduce the Mages together with his Ice Sword super fast before they could even do just about anything when possessing enough Haste.
  • His Signature product permits his ultimate to lock the targets. Frozen foes cannot get knocked away through the tornado, offering much more DPS.
  • Eironn works perfectly with Belinda (harm based on the number of opponents gets success).
  • Eironn’s suction operates perfectly with Safia’s Spectral Interruption, applying 40% harm debuff on foes immediately.

Lorsan’s Mechanics

  • Internal View raises all harm provided by ally ultimates by 220Percent until he is lifeless. This really is so crazy. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have the faction advantage over Wrizz, he is still a S tier hero for guild boss because he can enhance.
  • Shemira + Inner View = Insanely OP.
  • Gale Pressure boosts the damage acquired from the enemies by 48% =  (120Percent + 120Percent)/5.
  • Link works perfectly with AoE abilities.

You can read more about powers of mechanics in blog.

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