Tigers Eye belongs to the Chalcedony family of minerals. It is translucent and has a silky shine. Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic stone that can be found in reddish brown shades with iron stripes. Tiger’s Eye means inner strength and self-confidence.

The Origins of Tigers Eye

The Shapeshifter is the name given to the curious and earthy gemstone Tiger’s Eye. It invites wearers to tap into their inner strength and personal willpower and invoke the protection powers of Tiger’s Eye. This stone is a wild, vibrant, and energetic combination of golden bands and flecks, and sand. The traditional use of the Tiger Eye Gemstone as a protection amulet against evil forces was to protect it. It was believed to protect against curses and keep wearers safe from evil wishes. The Tiger Eye has many healing properties.

Tiger’s Eye is found in areas where heat, dry and a sense of wilderness prevail, such as the South African big cat lands, India’s spice islands, and Indian tumbling tea plantations. It is made by altering crocidolite and retains its mineral-rich moods. The golden orb color scheme comes from iron oxide. Tigers Eye was so rare that it was valued at more than gold in the 16 century.

According to the legends behind Tiger’s Eye, the Egyptians were drawn to the iridescent rays from the Tiger Eye Stone by their divine vision. They believed it represented the eyes of God and used it as a symbol for them when creating great deities. It was also worn as a protective shield on the breastplates and helmets of Roman soldiers fighting in the war.

The gemstone’s name is not accidental. Its origins go beyond a reference to a color scheme. The true queen of the jungle, the tiger, is strong, brave, and always ready to strike. The spirit of a tiger serves as a reminder about the importance of primal instincts, and the ability to accept the shadow self to emerge from the jungle and shine into the light. It encourages people to accept all aspects of themselves, from predatory pose to protector, because life can be unpredictable and requires personal strength to thrive.

Physical Healing Properties

Tiger’s Eye is brimming with energy and always ready to lift someone out of a slump. It is an incredible blood fortifier and a great balancer of the endocrine system. The Tiger Eye stone’s fiery, golden-brown fire can be used to awaken enthusiasm and stir up those who feel a bit sluggish. A higher level of energy, a faster metabolism, and a more relaxed sex drive help hormones align, which in turn helps to bring your biochemistry back at its best. The warm-blooded stone can also hold the heat from the sun for those suffering from seasonal depression. This helps to reduce the burden of dark, dreary days.

Emotional Healing Properties

The Tiger Eye crystal will help you to release negative energy and deepen your root chakra. It will also boost your self-confidence. This stone has many emotional healing properties. It helps you stay focused, grounded, and connected to your core no matter what the environment is. The energy of Tiger’s Eye is a great way to get out of a rut and encourage a more active lifestyle.

Those who create a safe and solid foundation, direct energy in the right direction, and soak up the sun-kissed warmth of the stone may feel a new sense of confidence that helps them drive to success. Toxic energies are removed, mental roadblocks are pushed aside, and deepest desires become real and achievable.

Many relationships can be healed by Tiger Eye. It can help you overcome low self-confidence and strengthen your relationships with yourself. Tiger’s Eye is for those who struggle to feel secure and self-worth.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The Tiger’s Eye is a great companion for those with lower chakra issues. This earthly stone works in harmony with the root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras. These are the safety and strength Chakras. They help people feel secure, connected to the ground beneath their feet, and able to reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness. It can be difficult to feel secure and comfortable without a strong foundation for these chakras.

These stones can be used as powerful amplifiers, which is why they are known for their ability to tap into and enhance physic capabilities. The gemstone can be used to enhance the aura of those who wish to connect to their third eye. However, it is important to remember that the Tiger Eye is a more earthly root chakra stone.

Zodiac Birthstone

For those who want a little bit of magic in the middle of summer, the Tiger Eye gemstone is an excellent choice. The golden orb-shaped stone will bring joy to Geminis. This stone is also great for helping to shift creative blocks. This stone is great for Geminis who often wait for others to make the right decision. Geminis are known for being quick-witted, ready to talk, and can sometimes feel restless or anxious in place. They can take control, but they are open to following the flow. The yellow-brown stone’s grounding and stabilizing vibrations balance out their contradictory side.

Capricorns and Leos also have amazing access to Tiger’s Eye healing balms. Mercury is the planet closest to the Tiger Eye. It brings its wonder and weight as the air signs often need the grounding force to hold them steady rather than letting go in the waves of change.

How to use Tigers Eye Stones

There are many ways that you can welcome the golden light of Tiger’s Eye to your daily life. Anyone who has Tiger’s Eye in their possession will reap the healing benefits of this stone, whether it is used as jewelry or Feng Shui stones. Here are some of the many ways Tiger’s Eye can be used.

Feng Shui for the Home and Office

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that has been known for its healing and protective properties. It makes a great amulet if you want to create harmony in your home and office. Feng Shui is about creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your home. It also involves using space and layout to achieve balance and a clear disposition. Feng Shui can be used for any type of workspace or office because Tiger’s Eye encourages fine focus and provides insight into complex situations. It also helps to overcome procrastination.

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone can be used to balance Feng Shui vibes and in the home. It is known for its ability to keep moods balanced, attract good luck, and dispel fears. This makes the home feel safe from the outside world.

Feng Shui and Tiger’s Eye can be combined uniquely. You can place it near the front door or next to a window to act as a protective amulet. It is a good idea to keep a Tiger’s Eye in the nursery or bedroom of children who are trying to protect their cubs from predators. 

Last Thoughts on Tiger’s Eye

The amulet of Tiger’s Eye can be used to dispel fear and bring positive transformations into your daily life. This stone is a great choice for people who have trouble feeling grounded or who want to gain more confidence and help them reach their full potential.

The Tiger’s Eye has a strong connection to Mother Earth, Mother Earth, Mother Earth, the ground below the feet, and ancient spirits of protection. It is a great choice for anyone looking to harness their fiercest powers. The golden orb of this fabled stone is a great talisman for those who need to stand taller, speak louder, and walk forwards in their light. Tiger’s eye is available on stonesbysierra.com

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