The latest pocket printer has just been released and it is a huge benefit for crafters. I’m excited to tell you about the Phomemo printer and how it can help your art and craft projects. Phomemo is a product I have personally used. I will share my personal experiences with it, but you can also find standard Phomemo information.

What is Phomemo?

Thermal Printer

Phomemo, a combination of Photo Memo and Phomemo, is a thermal printer. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. An app can also be downloaded from Google Playstore. Because it uses thermal paper, it prints without the need for ink. It is also environmentally friendly and doesn’t require you to buy extra ink.

More than just thermal paper

It comes with various types of refill paper ranging from sticker thermal paper, non-adhesive, transparent/semi-transparent, colourful ones and more. I personally have used the sticker and transparent thermal paper. It was extremely handy as I could make stickers from my doodle. It has a limited print life, just like other thermal papers. It is called “Picture Storage Time”. Different Phomemo thermal papers have different picture storage times depending on the paper. It can last between 2 and 5 years, while others may last 10 to 20 years. My favorite is transparent thermal paper, which has a longer lasting effect that lasts for more than 20 years.

Pocket Size and Lightweight

My journal is almost like a second skin to me. A small printer is something I wish I had. It allows me to print photos, notes and even my own stickers. The best thing about the Phomemo printer? It is small and portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. It measures 3.4″x3.2″x1.7″ and weighs only 6.7 ounces. That’s a lot of weight! This printer is great for journaling while on the move.

It’s quick and easy

Phomemo is a great option for craft projects. It prints quickly at 10 seconds per page and can print continuously for 26.25 feet. It can print 3 images at a time, which I tested. It is important to have your image prepared and stored in your phone so it is easy to find when you want to print. This will save you time. Phomemo’s app is very user-friendly. You just need to connect it to your phone and you’re good to go. Even if your Bluetooth isn’t turned on, it will remind to after you select your photo.

Everything You Need to Know About Battery

Your Phomemo charges via USB. It can be charged using a standard USB cable, or plugged into a powerbank. Super convenient. It can print up to 4 rolls of Phomemo Thermal Paper on a 2-hour charge and has a large battery of 1000mAh.

What can you use Phomemo to do?

Phomemo can be used for journaling purposes, but I discovered that it isn’t limited to printing photos. It can be used to create labels, notes, and stickers for craft projects such as scrapbooking, card-making, or crafts for home (i.e. DIY mason jar). You can download clipart and images from the app and use them in your projects. The graphic feature is available on the app.

Build Quality

It is always a good sign to be able to open a new device and have it up and running in no time. App Store). You are now ready to print those photos!

The printer arrived in perfect condition, is well packaged and feels solid. The only problem is that the colour of the printer is high-gloss while the online photos are a bit more matte. This is not a major issue, but it’s worth mentioning to the design-conscious.

Print Quality, App & Features

Let’s get to printing. It’s the Pho-noo no-no if you want high-quality black and white prints that you can take with you wherever you go. The Phomemo can create retro-style photo stickers in low resolution. That’s a great thing.

This tiny gadget can also be used to print shopping lists, notes, and study cards instantly.

The app is very basic. Most templates print too thinly or are grainy for much use. The app can be used for printing only, however. Get Photoshop Mobile to get creative with your prints.

One cool feature of the Phomemo App is Banner Printing. Large continuous banners can be printed. The quality of the banners is greatly improved by using larger text and bold lettering.

Top Tip Bold black and white images print best. The ‘Thick print setting was the best for 90% of my images.

Print margins are a problem worth noting. The border left by the Phomemo app is quite large. The rolls are small so I see that at least 15% of them are not used for printing. In a future App update it would be wonderful if you could set your own margin/margin in the print settings.

Overall, though, I enjoyed printing with the Phomemo. I hope that you will enjoy my test prints.

Who is the Phomemo Pocket printer for?

The Phomemo can print cool photos of friends for you to stick to your walls. You’ll get a retro grainy effect.

The Phomomo excels as a study tool, list maker, and printer. The Phomemo can help you remember a quote, math calculation, or create a quick to do list in under 5 seconds.

In this regard, it could be a great gift. It would be a great gift for a birthday, and who wouldn’t love to receive a Phomemo? However, I don’t think students will spend $70 (PS50).

Battery Life

The Phomemo sticker maker excels in battery life. It’s been in my possession for 2 weeks now and I haven’t yet charged it.

What’s inside the box?

The box contains the Phomemo Sticker Printer, wrapped in protective plastic and 1 sticker roll. There is also a quick guide, as well as a micro-USB Cable. I recommend buying 3 rolls of stickers at a time.

Phomemo printer – The Verdict

Sometimes it takes some trial and error before you get the results you desire. I would like to see Phomemo include more sticker rolls in their box. The printer has been a great addition to my busy work desk.

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