The benefits of playing volleyball are many. Aside from the physicality and the fun, this sport can also improve the mind and the cardiovascular system. If paired with an appropriate diet, volleyball is an excellent sport to shed pounds. Here’s how volleyball will help you shed pounds:

o It burns a lot of calories: Since the sport requires lots of running, jumping, and throwing, a lot of these calories are burned. Over the course of a competitive volleyball game, a typical player will burn about178 calories. That is equivalent to burning off seven liters of water in a day. Not bad, right? This will definitely improve your body’s metabolic efficiency, resulting in fat loss.

o A low-impact sport: Volleyball is a low-impact sport that also involves lots of jumping and running. Thus, a large amount of muscle tension is eliminated. As a result, there is less stress on bones and joints. In addition to that, playing this sport is a great way to develop upper-body strength, an essential component of maintaining physical fitness.

o Physical fitness: Being a volleyball player is not only about having fun. It is also a good way to develop physical fitness. As mentioned above, a typical game involves lots of sprinting, jumping, and throwing. Thus, a volleyball player sport has a lot of aerobic and anaerobic components. This physical fitness component directly contributes to decreasing body fat.

o The development of muscles: A sport as physical activity entails a lot of muscular activity. Indeed, most physical activities done outside require the usage of a large number of muscles. By playing volleyball, the number of muscles used is directly proportional to the workout.

o Lesser calorie consumption: If you look at the number of calories used up during a typical game of volleyball, you’ll surely find out that a significant amount (178 calories) are burned just for the energy required to play the game. This means that volleyball players can reduce their calorie consumption significantly. If you’re planning to play volleyball, it would be wise to at least bring along a towel or jump rope so you won’t need to bring a lot of additional weight to your game. Moreover, most sports enthusiasts can attest to the fact that volleyball requires a considerable number of calories and most of them have reduced the number of calories they consume while playing as a result.

o Great hand-eye coordination and flexibility: Playing volleyball requires both upper and lower body strength. Indeed, upper body movements like throwing and catching are crucial in order to succeed. However, volleyball players have to be very precise with the way they move as they need to use both upper and lower body parts in order to succeed. Therefore, not only does a solid upper body presence develop great hand-eye coordination and flexibility, but it also helps develop a balanced physique.

o Great cardiovascular workout: The sport involves a great deal of running and sprinting which provides excellent cardiovascular workouts. Furthermore, since volleyball players often engage in aerobics in order to increase their endurance and agility, a good aerobic activity such as running can provide them with a good workout. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that volleyball players who engage in aerobics-like exercises burn more calories than the average person. So if you want to develop a strong cardiovascular system as well as muscle mass, playing this sport will be highly beneficial.

o Strengthening the upper body: In addition to providing you with great hand-eye coordination and flexibility, playing volleyball also improves your upper body strength. This is due to the fact that it requires a lot of jumping, throwing, catching, and blocking which require a strong core in order to execute these activities properly. Strengthening your core will also improve your muscular strength as well as balance. As a result, you become less prone to injuries and you improve your overall game performance.

o Increases Your Flexibility: Not only do volleyball players have to have great upper body strength and muscular endurance, but they also have to have excellent flexibility levels. As a matter of fact, this sport requires a lot of body movements as they move from one position to another. However, since volleyball involves a lot of jumping, throwing, and catching, a great amount of flexibility is required. As a result, regular flexibility training will greatly help improve your volleyball skills and performance. In fact, most professional volleyball players have reported that they receive treatment and rehabilitation not only for physical impairment but also for improving their flexibility level.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of playing Volleyball. These benefits may not sound very significant on their own. However, when you add up all of the other advantages of playing Volleyball, you will realize just how much they add up. Therefore, if you are not already a fan, make sure that you join a volleyball team so that you will reap the maximum benefits of playing this sport.

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