Accessing properties for sale in various markets has never been easier thanks to mega-search sites like Zillow and Trulia. However, with fewer homes on the market than in recent years, time is crucial. Finding your perfect house still takes time, expertise, and, in many cases, the assistance of a knowledgeable professional real estate agent.

But how can you locate the ideal real estate xpu ha for your needs if you’re relocating to a new region and don’t have any current contacts?

Fortunately, finding the finest real estate agent is simple if you know where to look. Here are five simple steps to using to discover the best real estate agent in Western North Carolina.

1. Do some research on the neighborhood and surrounding areas where you want to live.

Choosing the perfect community, especially if you’re moving to Western North Carolina from another state, is crucial to finding the ideal house. It’s best not to start looking for mattresses and baths right away. Take the time to look for communities that are a good fit for your needs. It’s critical to be aware of all of your alternatives, whether it’s schools, parks, or proximity to health care.

To find and investigate neighborhoods that suit your needs and interests, use the Beverly-Hanks Community Finder. We can help you sort among over 100 WNC communities by lifestyle, amenities, proximity, and other factors to find the ideal fit for you.

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2. Hire a full-time, professional agent who is familiar with the area.

Real estate salespeople specialize in specific neighborhoods, just as car dealers specialize in specific brands or local artists specialize in specific media. You wouldn’t hire an agent who mostly works in downtown Asheville if you wanted to know about the nicest homes around Lake Lure, and vice versa.

Beverly-Hanks has 19 convenient locations throughout Western North Carolina, making it simple to discover a local neighborhood expert. Begin your search for agents in that region once you’ve decided on your preferred neighborhood (along with a couple of close backups just in case). Agent profiles at Beverly-Hanks allow you to get to know our agents before you contact them. You may rest confident that all Beverly-Hanks agents are fully licensed and have all of their qualifications listed on their account.

3. Select an agent who is familiar with your requirements.

There’s an agent out there that understands more about second homes, senior communities, new construction, urban condos, and historic single-family homes than his or her peers, whether you’re looking for a second home, retirement community, new build, urban condo, or historic single-family home. Our agents can be filtered by expertise, designations, and interests at

The current listings of an agent can also reveal his or her areas of expertise. Find agents with decades of experience, agents who specialize in luxury or eco-friendly houses, or agents who share your lifestyle—whoever you believe can best assist you in finding the property you desire within your budget.

4. Gain knowledge from current or previous clients.

It’s one thing to read about agents’ backgrounds in their bios on their websites. Peer-to-peer recommendations and service reviews, in particular, are an excellent method to get a sense of the type of service and assistance an agent will provide. Clients can leave objective opinions regarding the level of service they received from their real estate agents on sites like That’s why every agent profile on includes a live RealSatisfied feed.

5. Verify if the agent is responsive to your requirements.

You may want to conduct all real estate communications by SMS in order to keep the ball rolling during working hours. Perhaps you like to discuss your alternatives without being constrained by character limits, and phone calls are more your style. Make sure you communicate your preferred form of contact with your agent and that he or she is on board.

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