There’s absolutely not any doubt that the modern cordless tools help save some time, and create our job easier. DEWALT released the DEWALT DCS334 XR jig-saw that can follow up with a cone traction, and can be version saw in January. For all those wondering, that the XR represents”extended run time,” and is intended to deliver higher level level electronic equipment, protracted runtime and faster application rates for extreme operation.

Jig gears are an electric tool that basically gain from moving cordless. Anybody who is spent time turning around cutting a hole out a jig saw know the cable will maintain precisely the way. Maybe not needing to worry about the cable is productivity advancement and a safety. We have had a time to utilize D-handle Jig-saw on our job sites.

DEWALT re designed this newer version that’s smaller, milder, faster, includes a lower life expectancy engine position, also improved the blade clamp.

Re Designed

The old version was built to accept both the U-shank along with T-shank blades. The issue with this version is that it didn’t grip the U-shank blades causing consumer shame. Flex longer, blades, in our opinion, often liquefy, and produce greater. The brand newest DEWALT DCS334 XR jig-saw includes a reliable and durable knife clamp. DEWALT reduced the amount of parts and re worked the mechanics. The outcome is just actually really a blade clamp with a discharge lever that is equipped. The clamp doesn’t eject your blade.

Variable Rate Dial and Boost

There’s really just a varying speed dial modification at top grip, and a variable speed trigger which controls the saw out of 0 to 3,200 strokes weekly. [RPM] That really is a stroke growth. The saw will not possess a variable speed trigger, however, also the dial enables an individual”set and forget” the rate, to the watched and also pull on the trigger fully.

The varying rate dial also includes a ratchet-like activity that”clicks” every number you proceed it, to avoid inadvertently changing the atmosphere together along with your hand. Using a changeable rate dial, which contributes to freeing focus on activate / blade rate and also allows the users to concentrate fully on directing the watched through the clip. The win that is obvious is it is simpler to use for a reductions that are longer precise.

The DEWALT DCS334 XR jig-saw was built using a brushless motor which works quieter, and stays lower into the surface giving the user greater control. The version was noisier, also taller. Control will be provided by the clasp saw. After utilizing both blades it’s obvious to people, which the new version is significantly more powerful and far easier to use.


To Reduce sword deflection and enhance accuracy, DEWALT lowered the job of the saw posture, wheel-retainer, which can help stiffen the blade. The groove remains set up and at the posture wheel is slightly heavier, and hence the blade indicators better. I frequently discover a jigsaw’s caliber could be summed up fairly quickly if you attempt to reduce on a 45-degree bevel onto a bit of 3/4″ plywood. In the event that you’re able to cut at that bevel at a straight line without even fighting with the jigsaw got a winning combination.

This decoration had no difficulty cutting on fine right cuts long spans. The saw monitors, and cuts in every those substances. We assessed for parallels and square square and left 45 level directly and cuts. We left a few scroll cutting Maple. With this particular evaluation we did find a few deflection.

All of jigsaws employ some form of counter balance system to lessen the up and down vibration generated by the reciprocating plunger and blade. DEWALT upgraded this belt counter equilibrium system along with its particular own noticeable. The elderly watched needed a longer Scotch Yoke reciprocating motion mechanism that led in significantly greater vibration. A Scotch Yoke converts a slider’s motion . (or even visa-versa) leading to the perpendicular blade movement.

More accuracy

This tool includes an all-metal, key less, lever actuated, and blade shift which only cries of excellent craftsmanship along with mechanical style. All blades are used by this decoration. The saw includes a 1-inch stroke span, 4-position orbital action switch to permit the jig-saw versatility when cutting various substances.

The all-metal keyless shoe has detents at 0° along with 4 5 ° and holds its own standing in between those settings. 2 LED lights were inserted into the DEWALT DCS334 XR jig-saw, and it can be a trend we’re seeing on many cordless gear. LED are economical and light up the work surface draw power, and increase the consumer experience. All these LED keep around for 2-1 minutes after the trigger has been released and perform a fantastic job.

The old version had a gas blower you might turn a switch to turn off or on and get a grip on. User experience had been that a lot of folks how exactly to utilize it or had not a clue. The DEWALT DCS334 XR Jig Saw has an dust blower which works all of the time, that will be effective and sensible. There’s not any control button to use it. We found the dust mill to work fine.


I didn’t enjoy that the anti-splinter fit and challenge DEWALT to come across a better choice for their own delicate, plastic add. This add dropped a few times on us but doesn’t remain set up and was made to decrease. The dust mill might possibly be aggressive, I found myself blowing off the dust off my line.

Electricity tools become mistreated, day-in and day out, but we anticipate them to keep on acting just such as your afternoon they bought them. By the heavy responsibility of DEWALT we were impressed At each single day of more and increasingly longer parts from the software sector.

Over all this is just a really striking tool with thoughtful developments its sooner version. It’s a streamlined, powerful, and simple.

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