It’s difficult to feel like an adult when your only plate holder is a coffee table that simultaneously serves as a WFH desk and a nightly dinner spot. Which brings us to this point: you require a dining table and chairs, but you do not have a large budget at the moment. As a result, you require a low-cost dining table that also reflects your personal style.

Don’t be concerned. It is entirely possible to get adult furniture while staying inside a budget this year; all you need to know is where to seek it. Yes, trawling flea markets and thrift stores for quality pieces at bargain-basement prices is always an option, but for anyone who wants something right now (or prefers to buy online), we’ve compiled a list of seven of the best places for finding a complete dining set on a shoestring budget.

But, before we get started, let’s clarify a few things. “Low budget” is, of course, a subjective term, so let’s start with that. A dining set with a table and four seats may easily shatter the $1,000 mark at mid-range to higher-end merchants (and even some “budget” big-box stores) – frequently costing twice or three times that amount. So, for the purposes of this post, we set out to identify stores that had a solid selection of tables in fresh, modern styles for under $300 and chairs for under $100.

1. Set a goal

Target has a ton of furniture available online! There’s a lot more than what you’ll find in stores. Shop the brand’s in-house lines, such as Magnolia Hearth & Hand (the Chip and Joanna Gaines label! ), Project 62, and Threshold, or compare prices for major names you might find elsewhere.

Expect a mix of traditional, farmhouse, and modern styles. Target also has a variety of small-space solutions.

2. Oversupply

You’re losing out if you don’t have Overstock bookmarked as a go-to online home decor site. Prices for glass dining tables fluctuate frequently (depending heavily on supply and demand), thus it’s either a “hurry up and buy” or “wait for a better price” game. They’re also a retailer that sells the same merchandise as other retailers (Target, Wayfair, Amazon, AllModern), but for a lower price.

Expect to find: Everything from contemporary to transitional styles at unbeatable pricing.

Amazon is number three.

The only issue with purchasing furniture on Amazon is that the selections appear to be limitless. Filter for only goods from their in-house brands to narrow things down.

If you have the time to scroll and sift, you should be able to find pretty much anything.

Walmart is number four.

You’re mistaken if you assume Walmart doesn’t carry furniture that matches your personal taste. When it comes to dining furniture, the retailer has some serious design chops, including tufted chairs that look a lot more costly than they are, intriguing benches, and more.

Expect to find: A diverse collection of traditional, mid-century, and industrial pieces that will wow you.

Wayfair is number five.

Although Wayfair isn’t the most shocking retailer on this list, it would be a pity not to include a wonderful e-commerce resource for the sake of shock, awe, and pain. A quick budget filter will produce hundreds of results in a variety of aesthetics.

Traditional and transitional styles, abundance of upholstered seats, and pedestal tables are all on the menu.

6. Main & Joss

Joss & Main, which is now owned by Wayfair, used to be a flash-sale site that offered furniture and home decor (back when that was still a thing). The site’s aesthetic is more “modern classic,” which may sound contradictory, but simply means well-known and -loved silhouettes, colors, and fabrics with a current, new twist. Don’t forget to visit AllModern, a companion site.

Expect to see a lot of “modern classic” furniture, a lot of Louis XVI-style French sitting, and a lot of high-style pieces that are more affordable.

Home Depot is number seven.

Yes, the same store that sells air filters and spray paint also sells some really nice furniture. You can usually find little pieces of decor at stores, such as rugs and mirrors, but larger furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, must be ordered online.

Expect to find: A lot of really basic options, but if you dig a bit further, you’ll find some solid options.

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