Skirts are a fundamental garment in most wardrobes since they are simple to sew, style, and feel comfortable in.

This timeless piece comes in a variety of forms and designs, but not all of them are equally suitable to all body types. Let’s take a look at some basic skirt styles and discover which ones will work best for different body types.

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Girls love this hanfu skirt because they are the same width at the waist and the bottom edge. They are usually constructed of thick cloth and have the same width at the waist and lower edge. The straight skirt is flattering on all body types.

Those with a pear-shaped physique will look fine in this skirt because it does not add bulk to the hip area. It might make you look leaner and longer since it clings tight to your body, especially if it is long.

To avoid seeming stocky, wear heels with this skirt.

Because this skirt is straight, it can make you look boxy if you wear a loose-fitting top with it – this skirt requires a fitted-shaped top.


This skirt is ideally suited to those who have a shapely body, such as an hourglass figure. This shirt highlights curves in the waist and hips while minimizing the appearance of thunder thighs. This skirt is not recommended for those with very small hips. Avoid pencil skirts if you have a lot of weight around your hips and want to minimize the visual impact.

With formal shirts and high shoes, this skirt appears professional and lovely.


This skirt has a full A silhouette and is cut on the bias grain. It’s often made of a light material.

If you have a large upper body, a circle skirt will look nice on you; if you have a large waist, opt for a high waist skirt that sits at the narrowest section of your waist.


The waist and hips of an A-line skirt are fitted, while the hips flair out.

Because of the triangle shape of this skirt, persons with a large lower body should avoid wearing it. Its flare will accentuate a pear-shaped body’s hips. The small shoulders that most pear body shapes have will be overemphasized in this skirt.

If you have a flat bottom, avoid this skirt since it will make you look even more flat-bottomed.

On people with a straight column physique, a full A-line skirt can provide the appearance of curves at the waist.


This is the skirt that shouts “casual” the most. This hippie-style skirt is quickly catching the attention of fashionistas, who are experimenting with various variations. Flared maxis, ruffled maxis, and maxi skirts with godets are all attractive skirt types.

A maxi skirt might look fantastic on someone who is tall and willowy. Also, a gorgeous maxi skirt will disguise a variety of flaws, so if you have a thick ankle, a scar on your legs, or stick thin legs and want to hide them, go for a pretty maxi skirt.

A short girl should avoid wearing a maxi skirt because it would make her appear even shorter; nevertheless, if you must wear one, choose one with a less voluminous shape. Wear it at your smallest area of your waist (high waist) to make the length of the skirt make you appear taller.

A flared maxi will balance your figure if you have a thicker upper body.


This is a pleated skirt that may be produced by machine or by hand. They come in a variety of styles, with different numbers of pleats and fittings. As a result, the influence they have on body forms can differ.

A pleated skirt that flares just at the bottom might slim the hips and waist, but if it has a large number of pleats starting at the waist, it will look unpleasant on a bigger lower body or one with a protruding stomach.


This is a two-tiered skirt with a tight-fitting yoke along the hips and gathers or pleats on the lower tier. The cut of the yoke might be straight, rounded, or triangular. This is a very appealing outfit for folks with slim waists and shapely hips.

This skirt is most suited for persons with broad shoulders, as it will help to balance the overall look.


Tulip skirts are variations of pencil skirts that are thin at the waist and bottom hem but have volume in the form of folds of fabric at the hips (formed like a tulip).

A tulip skirt with a high waist is great for women who have an hourglass physique. This skirt is especially beneficial to very thin hipped figures since it adds curves to their otherwise flat shape.


Mini skirts look well on girls with shapely legs that aren’t too thin or sticky, but those with excellent slim legs will be the focus of attention in one. A little skirt can be used to accentuate your shapely legs, even if you have a broader torso.


Around the waist, this skirt creates a lot of gathers. Those with a large torso, especially around the stomach area, should avoid this skirt. The gathers at the waist will draw attention to it.

As a first step toward sewing your own skirts that will improve your beauty, check out the post on drafting several skirt patterns. Look for more dressing advice, such as How to Dress for Your Body Shape and Slimming Dressing Tips.

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