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- Films about Transgender Children –


Tomboy.(2012). French, English subtitles,  a family with two daughters,  moves to a new neighborhood..  Laure decides to pass herself off as Mikael, a boy..





Ma Vie En Rose
(1997). French, English subtitles, The story of a boy who wants to be a girl

Boys Don’t Cry (1999). A female to Male, based on real-life events (as documented in The Brandon Teena Story)

films transgender children

TransGeneration (2005). An eight-episode documentary focuses on the lives of four college students struggling to fit into a society that doesn’t understand why they are the way they are–that is, transgendered young adults trapped in bodies that belie their true selves.

- Films about Bullying -

Bully (2011). character-driven documentary following five kids and families over the course of a school year. Offering insight into different facets of America’s bullying crisis,



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