Transgender Child

Information for Parents and Families

Information for Parents and Families

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Welcome to Transgender Child.transgender child

Here you can find information, resources and support related to having a Transgender child.

If you’ve made it here you care about a young Transgender person in your life.  Many of the problems Gender variant people have as adults come from having to hide their gender issues as kids or from growing up with rejection and bullying.   This site offers information, support,  and more to help the issue of transgenderism become more visible and more accepted and to help you understand and support your trans child. 

New (January 2014):

One of our comment threads was getting very long and personal so we’ve started a new online discussion group. Please Join! It’s a non-public group/email list: Parents of Gender Variant Kids

We’d like your feedback.  Please let us know how we might improve the site or suggest a question for our question and answer series.transgender child

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